KissAnime is a known website for two remarkable reasons; it contains the best HD English anime (dubbed and as well as subbed) which are free. More than a million users are enjoying most of their time on this Anime website (KissAnime website), which is also called as King of Anime websites. They have a large collection and consistently uploading videos in all sorts of qualities from 240p to 1080p.

The interface is user-friendly and contains multiple genres including Adventure, Fighting, Romance, Comedy, Action, Horror and many more. However, according to many users, the website has multiple possibilities and gaps to get better.

Things to Know About KissAnime


There are different things to know about KissAnime, but most of the people are unaware of that. It is a kind of site which provides free online colorful Japanese animation streaming to its user.

One (bad result or effect) of Kiss Anime is that you must take care of and kissanime eu browser because without your permission it allows access to your computer. After that, you will be able to see only numbers for any sort of advertisement on your computer screen.

To understand what KissAnime provides us and what are the benefits and (bad results or effects) of using this site, it is important to know about KissAnime features. You can make use of Kissanime to watch numerous of Animes via the online platform.

Why is Gogoanime so KissAnime?

The difference is hardly much apart from the fact that GogoAnime can latch on to your website and invite a lot of malware. We would like to inform you that there are still a few more alternative websites that could work much better than these two websites. Both KissAnime vs GogoAnime are similar websites and walk through their business in the same way.

KissAnime: Outstanding features

Please find below the list of outstanding features of Kiss Anime website:

Great Interface – The website was designed with a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate. You will be notified with a Category Bar which allows you to select your preferred Manga, read the novel or watch the drama.

You can also see the other genre categories for Cartoons, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Horror, common to other uncommon like Historical, Game, Fantasy, Cars, Demons, etc.

Regular Updates – It is updated very frequently and you will never miss the newer stuff and the latest one.

Popular Content – This website is updated on every 5 minutes interval, you can get all the updated information by searching in the Search box.

Huge GalleryKissanime website has a huge set of a gallery with a lot of anime series, movies and much more. For a quick search, you can make use of the Search Box to watch your preferred movies or drama. They have also uploaded numerous series, drama or movies from Megalo Box, Food War to High School, Beyblade, Log Horizon, and many more.

Why KissAnime is highly addictive?

We would like to inform that Kissanime website is highly addictive because of its user-friendly interface and various collections for anime videos or dramas. They provide you with a multiple genre’s to choose and videos to watch. You will never miss the newer stuff or the updated videos on this website.

The correct website address is; please do not try to access kissAnime com website, which is not safe for any users that may contain spyware, malware or any sort of virus.

Is Kissanime Legal?

Many users would like to get an answer for their popular questions: is kissanime safe? Or is kissanime legal? Our answer to your question, Yes, Kissanime is safe and legal to use without any viruses associated with its usage.

Please be informed that the official website doesn’t contain any kind of virus or malware.  However, some websites have mirrored the official website, which is full of spammers and hackers. They had taken entire back up from the original Kisanime website and reflected the same version on their own web sites. The official site is not a virus and does not contain any type of spam ware or any other malware.

How to Use and Download Animes


KissAnime website is very easy to use and download any sort of animes. They have a huge number of collections to choose from. You need to login to the kiss anime website to download the anime.

You can download a particular episode or multiple episodes from the kiss anime site. While watching any particular episode, you can see an option “Mobile / Download (Save Link as)” a string of words.

For example, If Download Manager software is not installed on your computer, then you need to right-click on the video and select the option “Save link as”. Now, you will be prompted to select your desired location to save your downloaded video. After selecting the location, click on the “Save” button to save/download the video file to your computer.

If your computer is already installed with a download manager, then it will automatically take care of the other actions. Else, you need to copy and paste the download link to your software. Few software like FlareGet, FlashGet or Internet Download Manager (IDM) is used to download the videos much easier.

To download the entire episodes, you need to earn KPoints feature or follow the above step to download or save each episode.

First, you have to register for KPoints on kissAnime com website ( Before proceeding, please ensure that AD Blocker is disabled. Please click on the purple button (which is available at the top right-hand side of the page) and click on “KPoints” option.

This allows you to unlock the “Download all episodes” page of a particular anime. Through the referral systems, you can refer people to access this site and earn more points.

It is not required that each people should register on this kimanime website to credit your KPoints. At least they need to visit the website to check whether they stream or download any sort of genres.

Please generate your own kissAnime referral link by linking any particular anime page or home page. By doing so, a unique link will be generated by the system and you can forward the same to your friends or any other users. 15 KPoints will be credited to your account for generating a unique link. You can download multiple numbers of Animes using the backed up KPoints.

Best Working KissAnime Alternatives Websites: To Watch Anime movies online

  8. – Largest Free Anime site

Download KissAnime Mobile App On Android:

Kissanime Apk

You can use the KissAnime Mobile App to download the Animes. You need to install a third party software or application to download the Animes.

However, we are sorry to inform there is official KissAnime mobile app introduced from Kisanime. AnimeDLR is the Android Mobile app to download Animes from multiple websites like 9Anime, gogoanime, Anime Starz, JKAnime, ToonGet, Kissanime and much more.

Please follow the below steps to install AnimeDLR App and how to download animes:

  • Go to Google Play Store, search for AnimeDLR App.
  • Please download and install the Application.
  • You can select your favorite animes by choosing “Sources” from the left menu.
  • Now, you also see all the list of series hosted under a particular source.
  • Select your preferred episode or animes.
  • Please hold on it and swipe left to get multiple options and click on “Download” to download the desired episode or anime.
  • You can check the Queue option to track your download status.

Kissanime is light and runs smoothly:

Many users recommend that Kissanime to watch or download any specific genre anime via online. It runs smoothly and makes you enjoy your preferred HD animes without any issues. We advise you to disable Ads blocker on your computer before accessing the site for consistent streaming.

Your name kissAnime is the most famous film that was finally out with 720P video quality.

Kissanime is legitimate:

We would like to inform that KissAnime website is one among the best anime streaming site. But each and every kiss Anime users will think about whether the site is legal or not (is kissanime safe? Or is kissanime legal?). Please be informed that the website is not legal since the content displayed on the site from the official site or followed the proper way to get from other sources.

However, you will not be prosecuted or arrested for watching any videos from the site. But, if you are trying to upload any videos which are copyrighted then it is against law and you have to deal with legal issues. This website is a useful source to watch or download Anime and may not be legal.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand the KissAnime website and on how to view your preferred genres. We have also provided some steps on how to download a particular or entire episode from the website. AnimeDLR is the mobile application which can be used to download animes on your mobile phones. Finally, we inform that it is Kissanime is legal to use and does not contain any virus or malware.