We give you the all information about the iOS 14. iOS 14 is a most powerful iOS of the apple company. I will give you the information of release date compatible iPhones and other rumour related information. Apple company is working with the future concepts of technology.

Every year apple company has launched new iOS with new iPhone. Apple company is launch every apple products every year. Apple always lunched a major update for all iPhone compatible. this is a big deal, bringing major new features to millions of devices for free, patching security bug. Tweaking the way the interface works and making everything is looking like completely different. And now the next awesome update is iOS 14. Every year apple company’s iPhone users fans have high exceptions for the next update.

Here is the information of how can you use ios 14 top features.

When will be iOS 14 is released.?

Based on last year iPhone users expect apple to release iOS 14 between  14 and 18 September 2020. First beta version is release nearby 8 June. After all apple follows release time will be same as previous versions.

Here are the past five iOS release date.

1. iOS 13 :- Thursday 19 September 2019

2. iOS 12 :- Monday   17 September 2018

3. iOS 11 :- Wednesday 20 September 2017

4. iOS 10 :-  Tuesday 13 September 2016

5. iOS 9 :- Wednesday 16 September 2015

The first developer beta version is release of iOS 14 will come following the WWDC keynote, which could fall on 8 June 2020 despite this being UK bank holiday in 2020!

You will be also able to use iOS 14 beta version from a beta public. Apple company is give opportunity to his users by using beta version to get review and bugs, changes for make iOS version better to use. Every user can use this beta version and after they sending mail to apple support for the any bug which is very help full for the apple company to changes in iOS.

We expect the first public beta to arrive around 29 June 2020.

Device compatibility

Here is a list of iOS 13 – compatible ( and therefor iOS 14 – compatible)iPhones :

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s plus

iPhone SE & iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR  & iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX

iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max

The awesome new is that the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s still being supported.

Features wish list of iOS 14 :

iOS 14 is awesome and most powerful update of apple. in iOS 14 you will be see all updated icons and always on display functionality for OLED enabled iOS devices. And here is the top iOS 14 features.

1. Banner base call notification

2. Redesigned notification system

3. Easy access to App Store updates

4. An emoji filters in the camera app

5. Alram enhancements

6. Siri improvements

1. Banner base call notification :-

When you get a phone call the alert can take your entire iPhone screen. But in the iOS 14 you can access the phone call in the notification bar. And still you can work with your full screen. This feature is old for the android users but now this is in also iOS 14.

2. Redesigned notification system :-

In iOS 14 you can see the fully updated notification bar. And may shortcut and many features add in the new update. Now you can use all multi function while your phone is in lock condition.

3. Easy access to App Store updates :-

In the iOS 14 App Store updates is the most reliable update for the iPhone users. Now user can update and install any app by holding the app stored and user get all shortcuts. 3D Touch is most usable for this update.user can see also the list of the update all application.

4. An emoji filters in the camera app :-

This is the joyful update for the apple users. Now you can take pictures with your favriout emoji with replace your face and also user can take video with same function. But one thing you have to noticed this function is work on only Face ID functionality iPhones. Like for example iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 11 pro max and also letters 7 generation iPad and also work in latest apple MacBook.

5. Alram enhancements :-

The clock app function we had expect for the most part, but there are couple tweaks that could perfect the overall experience. In the clock time you can use world clock, alram, bedtime, stop watch and last is timer. With use world clock you can see and set and save time of any area. In the alram you can set your daily routine wake up timing. The mai thing is bedtime function this function is most use for business person like a freelancer, stop watch is use for mostly sports event and even you can use this for compare the multiple situations.

6. Siri improvements :-

In every apple update apple gives us to most updated function is Siri. Siri can hear you very clearly and work based on your command. Siri is very helpful when you are doing multitasking.at one point will Siri move from begin a gimmick to something we actually rely on.

Here is the full details of the apple iOS 14 release date with all top feature of the iOS 14. This details is based on apple concepts and the rumours.