Use Chromecast with Your Smartphone

With the last year’s Google Chromecast update, more and more people are becoming interested in this streaming device.

Regarded as one of the cheapest and simplest streaming devices, Chromecast is definitely the best option for all the streamers out there.

However, even though it’s fairly easy to use, things do tend to get confusing. So, let’s take a closer look at what exactly Chromecast is, why it’s getting so popular, and how users can set it up on their Android smartphones.

What is Chromecast

Put simply, Chromecast is Google’s streaming media adapter which users can rely on for playing online content such as videos or music on their digital TVs.

Users can choose between the basic Chromecast, which is cheaper and can broadcast content up to 1080p, and Chromecast Ultra, a more expensive version that has 4K resolution and uses HDR color technology.

Both Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra have the same channel selection, as well as the same overall functionality. On both of these devices, users can stream content from YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, Hulu, and more.

How It Works

For Google’s Chromecast to work, it needs to be plugged into the TV’s HDMI port. The device has a cable that connects to a USB port and powers it.

Users will need to install a mobile app that allows them to essentially use their smartphone/ tablet/ etc. as a TV remote. The device is a transmitter between the video streaming provider and the TV and is used to display the broadcast content on the TV.

Why People Like It

Over 55 million Chromecast devices have been sold, showing just how much people enjoy using it. Those who subscribe to video streaming services can typically only access those services through their PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Their small screens make it difficult for viewers to watch the content comfortably.

With streaming media adapters such as Chromecast, users can relax by their TVs and enjoy the same content they normally do, but on a much bigger surface. Admittedly, those with a smart TV might not need a streaming adapter, since most of the content can be accessed through them.

How to Use It with an Android Smartphone

The device setup and installation are fairly easy, both for the standard Chromecast and for the Chromecast Ultra. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to finish the whole process and begin streaming content on the TV.

First, Chromecast has to be plugged into the USB port on their TV. After this, users should change the TV’s input channel to the one that Chromecast is connected to.

The following steps are for Android smartphones:

Step 1

Users should go to the Google Play Store and download the Google Home Android App. Of course, it’s necessary to accept the terms and sign into the Google account, then follow the instructions from there.

Step 2

After the first part is complete, users should be taken to the main page. Go to “Add” > “Set up devices” > “Set up new devices” once Chromecast appears.

Step 3

It’s necessary for users to confirm which Google account should be used with Chromecast. The app will request to use Location services.

Step 4

The app will start scanning for the Chromecast, and once Chromecast appears on the screen, users should tap on “Next.”

After these steps, the users will see a confirmation that Chromecast is connected. The last step is choosing a WiFi network.

How to Access All the Content

Unfortunately, Chromecast is available only in a few countries, and the content that can be accessed differs from region to region.

To bypass these regulations, users can rely on a VPN. A virtual private network works by changing the user’s IP address and making it seem like they’re coming from a different country. It’s necessary, however, to choose a VPN provider that will allow you to install a VPN on your router.


Chromecast is easy to install and use, and it allows people to stream videos from their phones to their TVs. And by relying on a VPN, users can access all the content available on any platform.