In high schools, the educators’ fundamental task is to engage their students in the educative process. And those educators who teach marketing should turn to a huge diversity of activities that can make real connections tangible to all schoolers. The main idea behind these sessions is to help learners to understand the basics of the subject.

Experts from Pro-Papers claim that learners are very likely to abstract themselves from what is taught to them in educational institutions, and thus instructors very often end up looking for the ways to keep their students appealed to the field of study. In fact, it is the educators’ responsibility to get on the right side of pupils so that the latter ones put their mind on becoming acquainted with the subject.

While some think that only uni students can be excited about getting a deeper insight into marketing, high school communities take the heat and try to miss no opportunity to motivate their schoolers to gain as much industry-specific knowledge as possible. In this article, there are a few great ways in which instructors can teach kids about this specific field.

Coming Up with a Catchy Phrase

Educators can arrange activities in which learners will get creative by making catchy slogans and jingles. As prospective entrepreneurs, learners can benefit from this kind of tasks by developing their thinking abilities while creating those catchy phrases. The main idea behind these interactive sessions is to create a slogan that will make particular products stand out among others.

Initially, teachers can offer their students to advertise french fries, soap, or toothpaste. Then, educators can raise the bar and ask children to promote toilet paper, a door handle, or even a staple gun. It is up to teachers what products to choose as long as students are excited about doing an assignment.

Bringing Old Goods Back into Fashion

In the market, there is an endless amount of goods which exist for a while and, to keep up with the fashion, manufacturers have to think continually on how to make their customers see their products in a completely new light. For example, Coca-Cola appeared on sale for more than a hundred years ago, and it still is going strong nowadays.

For students, teachers can initiate an activity that will involve assigning kids popular products and making them think about how manufacturers can improve their goods. Of course, students should look far beyond the ideas which have existed or exist up to date. Such an assignment can greatly boost the learners’ creativity as advertising is always about making regular products special ones.

Creating Radio Promos

At the end of the school year, students can be asked to work on specific projects. Since creating effective radio promotion campaigns is a direct duty of all marketers, teachers can turn to a small experiment and ask their students to come up with a good product advert.

However, before giving such an assignment, educators should explain to their students how to do such campaigns by briefing them on the long history of a radio advert. This activity includes teamwork and is all about promoting something the exists or doesn’t exist. Such an assignment doesn’t only develop participants’ creative abilities but also enhances their collaborative skills.

Product Sales

In fact, this activity can be initiated when instructors want to check how well their students are trained. Educators should ask young people to use all they have gained during relevant classes and make products from scratch. The activity includes everything from collecting ideas to creating an advertising campaign.

To see which product is the most successful one, students will be asked to sell their goods within the school settings. It is the educators’ responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions for executing a fair within school premises. This assignment will help those who cannot decide on their future profession. Such a hands-on experience will come in handy for those who are planning to build a sales or marketing career.

Regardless of what kids are going to do upon their graduation, it is definitely useful for them to get a deep insight into marketing. A set of well-developed marketing skills is of great value for all no matter their age and interests. Those with strong skills will have more prospects for development in literally any sphere.

In the meantime, there is a point in teaching marketing only by lecturing. Therefore, interactive sessions can be the greatest way to deliver subject knowledge as they engage, inspire, and motivate kids to study. Various educational institutions have already adopted these ideas within their settings, and the latter ones still show their effectiveness at teaching kids.