It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet these days. There’s literally a website for everything, no matter how niche the topic is or how odd one small idea might seem to be.

As someone who enjoys learning about pop culture and taking new courses I may not have had access to before the Internet, here are a few of my new favourite websites that I think you might also love.

For Learning:

(1) PrepTerminal

 With PrepTerminal, you can secure your dream job by taking psychometric tests that you might come across during the interview process.

 Taking a PrepTerminal course will help you thrive in a fiercely competitive labor market. They provide study material covering a wide variety of topics, all designed to give you an upper hand at getting ahead in your professional life.

 PrepTerminal just launched a brand new SHL Assessment Test prep course that will help you pass these historically tough psychometric tests. An SHL assessment test is often used as a pre-employment test provision and has a success rate of around 20%. This new PrepTerminal test will become a lifesaver for you if you have one of these tests coming up.

 There are many more courses like this on the PrepTerminal website to help you get prepared in a speedy manner.

(2) HearMeFolks

 Speaking about the world of blogging. The website HearMeFolks has helped me learn about how to create a blog and make money from it.

 Having your own website can make you good money these days and a blog dedicated to helping you run a successful website is extremely useful in this day and age.

For Nerding Out:

(3) Swish and Slash

 I am a huge pop culture nerd and I love a ton of the great T.V. shows that are being aired right now. Like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I also can’t get enough of the new Star Wars movies, and of course, everything that Marvel puts out.

 Swish and Slash is a website that talks about all of these pop culture hits in one place, and in extensive detail. Head over there today to learn about all of your favorite characters and your favorite TV shows.

For Looking Good:

(4) Crooked Howlet

If you are interested in fashion, and men’s fashion in particular, then you’ll be happy to spend hours of your time on the Crooked Howlet Designs website. These Australian jewellers are making absolutely magnificent pieces that look great.

From sterling silver rings and necklaces to custom wedding bands, Crooked Howlet Designs are the next big thing in male style and you’ll agree once you take a look at their website.

Follow them on Instagram to see even more of their great products.

For Designing:

(5) Stinson Design

 Stinson Design is all about creating expert PowerPoint presentations for any situation. Professionals can not only hire the best designers to work with, but they can learn all about PowerPoint and putting on a good presentation through their expert blog.

 This Canadian company knows how to help you bring your ‘A’ game for designing a PowerPoint and putting on a good presentation.

Have fun and share your favorite websites!

So go ahead and have some fun on the Internet. If you have come across a great website you visit all the time, then let us know!