Content Com Android Browser Home

Whenever we buy a new smartphone, it comes with some pre-installed app. So, when you click on any link to open, it always asks you to in which browser or app you want to open. For that, there is code link content:// is an internal prospect of an Internet browser that allows users to set a homepage. It’s getting annoying sometimes to select the browser again and again sometimes and especially when you are doing some important task. So, we have come to help you set “content com android browser home”.

As there are many browsers available like Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Microsoft Edge, UC or something else, every human being has their own different choices. So, one wants to use Chrome and other Yahoo as it depends on his or her priorities. We cannot say Chrome is better than Mozzila, every browser has its own different features. So, whether you are using an old phone or just bought the new one, you can simply set the content com android browser home to set the default browser on your Android device. Well, most of the settings look same on Android devices, but some of the new devices may have different settings. So, I guess you can assume where to tap next.

So, here have mentioned two different methods where on will help you to set content:// on your Android phone and the another will let you make the Chrome as detail browser in the game as it mostly used by people from all around the world.

How to Set the Browser home page on the Android smartphone with these steps.[content://]

Set Up Content Com Android Browser Home

  1. First, Open the Browser app – Android Browser icon
  2. Now just tap on Menu which you can see at the button of the screen.
  3. And Scroll all the way down and select Settings Android Browser settings option
  4. Now Tap to Select “General” settings option
  5. And then Tap Set homepage.

How to make Chrome as a default browser

  1. Now go to Find Google setting on your android device. You may find this setting on these places (depending on your device):
    • Open your device’s Settings app. Scroll down and select Google.
    • Open a separate app called Google Settings.
  2. Next to Tap on Apps.
  3. Just Open your default apps:
    • In the top right, tap Settings. Under ‘Default’, tap Browser app.
    • Next to Tap Advanced  Default apps  Browser app.
  4. And Tap to Chrome.

Final words

Well, this is how you can establish content:// on your Android device and enjoy the annoy free ride of your favorite internet browser. Once after setting up the content com android browser home on your device, do not forget to share your happy experience with us in comments. You are also welcome for any other query related to the technology world, we 24/7 here to help you to face every tech-related problem related to mobiles, computers, gaming platforms, or any other gadgets.