cool adult games

For a long time, cool and flashy electronic gadgets have always been associated with kids and teens leaving out the older generation. Thanks to the evolution in technology, there has been a steady increase in the need to fill the niche in this lucrative industry. In the spirit of embracing these rapid changes and making the most of it, tech companies are bombarding the market with new innovations targeting the adult population. Check out these cool adult games:

1. Nerf Gun

This is a super cool Nerf blaster that you can buy in four different cool colors. The great thing about nerf guns is that you can fire six darts in a row, and it goes FAST, too! This is part of the N-Strike Elite series. The darts will travel up to 90 feet or 27 meters. So how does it work? The rotating barrel that holds the 6 darts flips open, so it is very easy and fast to load this up. Even younger players can figure this out very easily. And parents, take comfort in knowing everything is hand-powered and batteries are NOT needed. It should be noted that the tech has really improved for this particular gun compared to the one that came before it. The cylinder only rotates when the plunger returns, and not when the trigger is pulled. In this manner, jams are prevented. Choose your favourite guns from this website.

2. The RC Mario Kart Racers

These are the remote-controlled vehicles that bring to life the Mario Kart video game by racing Mario against his sidekick Yoshi. Re-enacting their travels through the Mushroom Kingdom, the Italian plumber and beloved green dinosaur can reach speeds of more than 13 mph in their detailed carts that are more than a foot long. A joystick lets operators steer the go-carts forward and backward and from side to side, and the characters lean into turns to conserve speed while real pneumatic tires and front and rear suspension ensure precise handling. The carts can race for up to 40 minutes on a full charge of the lithium-ion batteries, which recharge in 80 minutes with the included AC adapter.

3. Interlocking Illumiblocks

Winner of the New York Toy Fair Best of Toy award, these are the building blocks that illuminate to create glowing, colorful edifices limited only by a child’s imagination. Each one of the 36 square interlocking blocks has an LED inside that illuminates, creating a structure of luminescent, colorful hues. The LEDs are powered by the included base that illuminates every block in a structure through patented connections in each block. Children can construct their own night light, build a glowing robot, or construct a luminescent house with the easy-to-assemble blocks. Creations can be set to illuminate constantly, remain lit for 15 minutes, flash, and fade in and out for subtle colorful transitions.

4. Remote Control Wall Climbing Spider

Prepare to terrify any arachnophobe with this wall climbing robotic spider. Although he is covered in a soft fluffy material, this guy is not for the faint hearted with his creepy legs and uncanny movement. Watch as it scuttles and crawls over the walls and be amazed at its ability to not fall off by using clever vacuum suction technology which allows this creepy crawly to go up any surface, and even onto the ceiling!

The remote control allows perfect spider movement, with the ability to go backwards, forwards, right and left which gives the illusion of seamless crawling. Ideal for a creepy Halloween gift!

5. Sharper Image Virtual Pong Game

A fun, modern spin on the classic game of table tennis. Projects virtual “ball of light” that moves along walls and ceilings. The light ball responds to electronic paddle when swung. Colorful LED lights and sound effects indicate hits, misses and wins. Play solo or challenge family and friends! The advanced technology created in the paddles sends the “ball of light” shooting straight back to your opponent when in “contact” with the paddle’s sensors. Illuminated LCD scorekeepers are located on the base where the “ball of light” is being projected from. Compete with your friends and family in this modern-futuristic game of ping pong!