Blockchain is a decentralised catalogue. This blockchain all access means central authority maintained by miners. All miners add all transactions to the catalogue and keep copy of the blockchain.

Blockchain technology :-

The little innovation of blockchain blockchain technology is that peer can reach unanimity in decentralised contexture. miners need to contribute emergent computing power to win the right to add a new block to the blockchain. For every accepted block a miner is a rewarded with a fix amount of BTC.

In the blockchain technology you may wonder if there is no central authority , who one check that no-one cheats the system? Here is a combination of financial encouragement and cryptography ascertain that no user can profitable from system cheating.

A rancorous miner would have to use more power then the majority of all the honest miners combined to convict the network that it is the real version is the real one. Due to the electric power, it is not potential to do.

Blockchain transactions are adjunct to the catalogue in batches ‘called blocks’ and every block of transaction references the previous block. If someone would try to change a past transaction, it can be kept secret, and here is the reason is it would break the cryptography link to all the blocks with transactions.

Blockchain Wallet Functionality:-

Blockchain is not only technology blockchain also wallet which is use by same like wallet. I believe blockchain wallet is also safest and secure wallet like compare to wallet. The most safety feature is that whenever you make account in the blockchain wallet at that time blockchain give you the 12 words phase key and make sure you have to keep safe this private key very carefully. If you lost this 12 words key then after you forgot your wallet id password so you can not access that your blockchain wallet and if you click on forgot password so you need that 12 words private key for re-open your wallet with 12 words key your wallet is never ever open and you can not get help from the blockchain support and other service.

You can keep buy or sell in your wallet like BTC, ETH, XRP. You can see the price of these all coin.also you can convert the price into USD, Indian rupee and etc.


Here you can see the full details of BTC.COM waleet and also function and how to oparate and use this wallet.

Blockchain is the most secure and most better wallet then compare to other wallet and also BTC.COM is also like a blockchain wallet so you have get here 2 most powerful choices.