When it comes to online video content that includes TV shows and movies, Netflix has quickly grown to be one of the biggest names out there. If you’re already hooked on the content they provide – great, but you may have noticed that Netflix doesn’t give you an option to save videos so that you can watch them offline.

If that promises to be inconvenient then the bright side is that with the help of Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can actually work your way around it. To do so simply use it to record the Netflix video that you want to save directly from your screen by following these instructions:



  1. Launch the software and select ‘Capture screen’ on the menu.
  2. Adjust the capture frame to encompass the Netflix video that you want to save.
  3. Check that the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’.
  4. Click ‘REC’ to start recording and play the Netflix video at the same time.
  5. Click ‘Stop’ and then ‘Save’ when it is done.

All it takes is these simple steps and you’ll be able to enjoy Netflix offline rather than having to be constantly connected to the internet in order to stream it. As you can see it really is very straightforward and that is one of the big advantages of using Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

The other features that come in Movavi Screen Capture Studio are equally easy to use, and will open up a number of interesting opportunities. With these features you can cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, add audio tracks, insert customizable text and even apply various types of special effects and filters.

It would be worth your while to spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio as they’ll definitely come in handy on more than one occasion. In fact you may even want to put them to use right away and trim out any unwanted segments of video that were inadvertently recorded in the Netflix video that you saved.

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